Our feeds are chosen by breeders and pet owners in more than 100 cities of Belarus

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Dry cat food
Dry dog food
Food for ornamental rodents
Compound feed for cattle
Compound feed for pigs
Compound feed for poultry
Compound feed for fish
Compound feed for horses
Compound feed for goats
Compound feed for sheep
Compound feed for rabbits
Compound feed for carp fish
Compound feeds for valuable fish species

Our products

Our advantages

Лидер по производству сухих кормов

Leader in the production of dry food

The enterprise is one of the largest feed manufacturers among feed mills and a leader in the production of dry food for cats and dogs in the Republic of Belarus

Натуральное производство

Natural production

Dry food is produced without the use of chemical dyes, flavors. The size, hardness and density of the granules are optimal for good palatability, there is no need to clean the teeth from tartar

Опыт профессионалов

Experience of professionals

Scientists from the VGAVM Research Institute, specialists from the European company Petfood Specialities, veterinary specialists and technologists worked on the development of the dry food formula. All dry food is clinically tested and triple quality controlled.

Высококачественная продукция

High quality products

Dry food of our production is a high-quality product manufactured on specialized equipment and according to high-tech production standards, where an innovative approach is used in all areas of the enterprise

Признанный производитель

Recognized manufacturer

Our dry food is used in feeding by most nurseries and breeders both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Every year, dry food <a style="color: dodgerblue;" href="" target="_blank" >brands &quot;Rex&quot;</a>, &quot;Only&quot; become winners of the competitions: &quot;Product of the Year&quot; and &quot;Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus&quot;

Выбор со вкладом в будущее

Choice with an investment in the future

Dogs-champions of republican and international exhibitions are fed with great success with our dry food.

Our services

Tolling processing

Production of feed for all types of farm animals, birds, fish from customer-supplied raw materials according to an individual agreed recipe.

Drying, cleaning, grain storage

To increase the shelf life of grain, Belkorm offers services for drying, cleaning, storing and weighing grain.

Rape seed processing

We offer services for tolling processing of rapeseed oilseeds.

Laboratory services

An accredited laboratory offers laboratory testing services. Research is carried out by professional, qualified personnel using modern, high-precision equipment.

Transport services

We provide domestic cargo transportation across Belarus of various cargoes, including cargo transportation of grain crops in bulk (bulk) way. Own fleet of vehicles with different carrying capacity.

Thousand tons
compound feed per year
Thousand tons
dry food per year
species compound feed
species dry food
Открытое акционерное общество «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод»

About company

Open joint-stock company "Zhabinka feed mill"

One of the largest specialized enterprises in Belarus engaged in the production of compound feed for farm animals and dry pet food for a wide range and purposes.



Специальная награда «Стабильное качество» ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод»
#достижение 30.04.2024

Специальная награда «Стабильное качество» ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод»

В Государственном учреждении культуры «Коссовский дворцово-парковый комплекс» 30 апреля состоялась церемония награждения лауреатов конкурса «Лучшие товары Республики Беларусь» 2023 года.

«Лучшие товары Республики Беларусь» 2023 года
#достижение 11.01.2024

«Лучшие товары Республики Беларусь» 2023 года

Очередная награда у предприятия!!!
«РЭКС» Корм сухой для взрослых собак средних и крупных пород полнорационный в числе лауреатов конкурса «Лучшие товары Республики Беларусь» 2023 года.
А также специальная награда конкурса "Стабильное качество"!!!

“Лидер потребительского рынка – 2023"
#достижение 28.12.2023

“Лидер потребительского рынка – 2023"

Награды на торжественной церемонии вручения Республиканской премии “Лидер потребительского рынка – 2023″ получили более полусотни белорусский предприятий. Одним из них по праву стало наше предприятие ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод», завоевавший сразу пять призов!

ГРАН-ПРИ и диплом I степени ПРОДУКТ ГОДА - 2023
#достижение 06.12.2023

ГРАН-ПРИ и диплом I степени ПРОДУКТ ГОДА - 2023

ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод» получил ДИПЛОМ I степени победителя XXV Республиканского конкурса потребительских предпочтений «Продукт года-2023» в номинации «Сухой корм для собак» за продукцию «РЭКС» и ГРАН-ПРИ специальной премии Республиканского конкурса потребительских предпочтений «ПРОДУКТ ГОДА – 2023» в номинации «Сухие корма для кошек и собак» за продукцию под торговым знаком «БЕЛКОРМ».

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Our projects

Ветаптеки “ОНЛИ ЗОО”
Продуктовый магазин
Бар “Берлога”
Ветаптеки “ОНЛИ ЗОО”
Продуктовый магазин
Бар “Берлога”

Our projects

The network of veterinary pharmacies "Only Zoo" is a new round in the development of Belkorm retail trade. We have opened veterinary pharmacies in a modern format, where the entire line of feed, pet products and veterinary drugs for pets and farm animals is fully represented. Dry and wet food of various price categories, treats, ammunition, clothes, trays and fillers, care products, vitamins, drops, medicines, vaccines and much more - everything is in the Only Zoo veterinary pharmacies.


The BELKORM bakery team started its activity in 2002. During this time we managed to earn the trust of many of our customers. We are very careful and reverent in the choice of each product, we use only natural ingredients and try to always maintain the highest quality standards. We offer delicious pastries, fragrant breads and amazing loaves. Quality, traditions and variety of tastes - BELKORM bakery will find its way to the heart of the most demanding customer!


A modern format grocery store offers customers a wide range of products: sausages and deli meats, dairy products, fish, semi-finished products, fresh vegetables and fruits, groceries, selection of confectionery products and fresh pastries of our own production. You can also buy household goods and Belkorm dry pet food in Privoz.


Bar "BERLOGA" - a place of spiritual comfort for your family and friends. Delicious food is always a good idea! Our chefs are always happy to offer you homemade dishes: family menus and business lunches, and bartenders are ready to mix any cocktail of your choice. In our institution you can sing karaoke, cheer for your favorite team, celebrate a family celebration, organize a business meeting or a romantic evening, and the bar staff will help organize any of your events at a professional level!



"We are one of the largest suppliers of Zhabinka Feed Mill OJSC products on the WILDBERRIES and Ozon trading floors, we have a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with the plant, the plant employees are always courteous and responsive to our requests for the supply of goods. The company's products are in great demand among consumers, as they contain only natural ingredients."

IP P.F. Panchkovsky


"The company "VYBOR101%" expresses its sincere gratitude and deep gratitude to the staff of JSC "Zhabinka feed mill" for fruitful cooperation, high quality of products. We would like to thank the wholesale department for the fact that it is easy to work with them, orders are executed on time and without any complaints. With such a partner, you can be confident in the future."

Founder "CHOICE 101%" Danilov A.G.


"I express my deep gratitude to Zhabinka Feed Mill JSC for reliability, quality, uninterrupted supply of products and long-term cooperation. High quality products and competitive prices make it easy and quick to sell goods to regular customers and new customers. More than 15 years of cooperation with JSC "Zhabinka feed mill" leave only the best impressions and excellent reviews. Perfectly selected employees perfectly cope with their duties, always in touch and ready to help!"

IP Kakranitsa V.A.


"EASTERN SHIP IOOO, Logoisk district, Minsk region, from 01/27/2022 to the present, we use compound feed concentrate KK-80 produced by JSC Zhabinkovsky feed mill in feeding for pregnant and lactating ewes. The quality of balanced granulated feed satisfies the needs of our animals to maintain health, vitality and high productivity. We plan to continue to work with Zhabinka Feed Mill JSC in the direction of using efficient and safe work."

Deputy director Mirzavand. M.


"ChTUP "Zoograd" thanks "BELKORM" for the timely delivery of goods that meet the accepted quality standards."

Director I.S. Martynenko


Our clients