Brands of own production

Комбикорм для коз

"Compound feed for goats"

A high quality and balanced diet that provides the correct ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins necessary to keep goats healthy throughout their life cycle and increase their productivity.

Комбикорм для кроликов

"Compound feed for rabbits"

An ideal nutrition specially formulated to ensure optimal health, growth, development and reproductive performance of rabbits.

Комбикорм для КРС

"Compound feed for cattle"

Compound feed products "Belkorm" for cattle contain a balanced complex of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and additives, selected taking into account the age, production group and productivity of the animal.

Комбикорм для лошадей

"Compound feed for horses"

The optimal solution for maintaining the health and performance of your horses. Our compound feed is designed to meet the needs of horses of various breeds and age groups.

Комбикорм для овец

"Compound feed for sheep"

Compound feed contains all the necessary nutrients to maintain the health, growth and reproductive function of sheep. It contains only natural and high-quality ingredients to ensure optimal digestion.

Комбикорм для птицы

"Compound feed for poultry"

A reliable solution for optimal growth, development and performance of your birds. Compound feed is designed taking into account their needs for nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Compound feed for birds is produced in various versions, taking into account the age and type of bird.

Комбикорм для рыб

"Compound feed for fish"

A reliable and efficient basis for breeding and raising fish. Our compound feed provides fish with a balanced and complete nutrition necessary to ensure their health, growth and development.

Комбикорм для свиней

"Compound feed for pigs"

Compound feed is balanced in terms of the most important nutrients, satisfies the animal's needs for energy and nutrients, and regulates metabolism.


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Our advantages

Признанный производитель

Recognized manufacturer

One of the leaders in the production of feed for farm animals, birds and fish. Repeated winner of the competitions "Leader" of the year, "Product of the Year", "Government Award in the field of quality".

Высокие результаты

High scores

Due to the balanced composition, compound feeds are well absorbed, helping to obtain high rates of weight gain, milk yield, egg production.

Опыт профессионалов

Experience of professionals

Specialists of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "NPC of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Animal Husbandry", RDUP "Institute of Fisheries", veterinary specialists, specialists of the innovation department and technologists are working on the development of compound feed formulas. All compound feeds are tested and triple controlled.

Compound feed Belkorm - this...

complete, high-quality nutrition for all age groups of farm animals. Production experience - more than 60 years. We are known, we are trusted!


В Жабинке торжественно открыли второй республиканский турнир по боксу, посвященный Дню независимости Республики Беларусь!
#новости 11.06.2024

В Жабинке торжественно открыли второй республиканский турнир по боксу, посвященный Дню независимости Республики Беларусь!

БЕЛКОРМ - генеральный партнёр второго республиканского турнира по боксу! На главной площади города-спутника сегодня царит особая атмосфера: на ринге под открытым небом собрались лучшие боксеры из Беларуси, России и Казахстана.

Празднование Дня Победы в Великой Отечественной войне
#новости 09.05.2024

Празднование Дня Победы в Великой Отечественной войне

9 мая в трудовой коллектив ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод» принял участие в праздновании Дня Победы в Великой Отечественной войне

Специальная награда «Стабильное качество» ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод»
#достижение 30.04.2024

Специальная награда «Стабильное качество» ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод»

В Государственном учреждении культуры «Коссовский дворцово-парковый комплекс» 30 апреля состоялась церемония награждения лауреатов конкурса «Лучшие товары Республики Беларусь» 2023 года.

 Открытие магазина ветеринарной-аптеки «ONLY ZOO» г. Брест, ул. Бориса Маслова, д. 9
#достижение 18.04.2024

Открытие магазина ветеринарной-аптеки «ONLY ZOO» г. Брест, ул. Бориса Маслова, д. 9

19 апреля 2024 г ОАО «Жабинковский комбикормовый завод» открыл магазин-ветеринарную аптеку «ONLY ZOO» г.Брест, ул. Бориса Маслова, д. 9

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"We are one of the largest suppliers of Zhabinka Feed Mill OJSC products on the WILDBERRIES and Ozon trading floors, we have a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with the plant, the plant employees are always courteous and responsive to our requests for the supply of goods. The company's products are in great demand among consumers, as they contain only natural ingredients."

IP P.F. Panchkovsky


"The company "VYBOR101%" expresses its sincere gratitude and deep gratitude to the staff of JSC "Zhabinka feed mill" for fruitful cooperation, high quality of products. We would like to thank the wholesale department for the fact that it is easy to work with them, orders are executed on time and without any complaints. With such a partner, you can be confident in the future."

Founder "CHOICE 101%" Danilov A.G.


"I express my deep gratitude to Zhabinka Feed Mill JSC for reliability, quality, uninterrupted supply of products and long-term cooperation. High quality products and competitive prices make it easy and quick to sell goods to regular customers and new customers. More than 15 years of cooperation with JSC "Zhabinka feed mill" leave only the best impressions and excellent reviews. Perfectly selected employees perfectly cope with their duties, always in touch and ready to help!"

IP Kakranitsa V.A.


"EASTERN SHIP IOOO, Logoisk district, Minsk region, from 01/27/2022 to the present, we use compound feed concentrate KK-80 produced by JSC Zhabinkovsky feed mill in feeding for pregnant and lactating ewes. The quality of balanced granulated feed satisfies the needs of our animals to maintain health, vitality and high productivity. We plan to continue to work with Zhabinka Feed Mill JSC in the direction of using efficient and safe work."

Deputy director Mirzavand. M.


"ChTUP "Zoograd" thanks "BELKORM" for the timely delivery of goods that meet the accepted quality standards."

Director I.S. Martynenko


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