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Processing of rapeseed oilseeds

Переработка маслосемян рапса
JSC "Zhabinkovsky Feed Mill" has its own workshop for processing oilseeds.
As a result of processing rapeseed oilseeds, we obtain cake and rapeseed oil, which we subsequently use as valuable components in compound feed.
Rapeseed cake is rich in vitamins and phosphatides, valuable minerals (potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, and other macro- and microelements). Mass fraction of crude fiber – no more than 16%, ash – no more than 7%. The total energy nutritional value is at least 1.17 feed units.
Rapeseed cake has proven itself inmixed feed for cattle. The high protein content makes it possible to increase the fat content of milk, and the high residue of crude oil in rapeseed cake is its distinctive feature. As you know, rapeseed oil contains oleic acid, which in turn increases the metabolic energy of feed. This makes it possible to avoid the additional introduction of vegetable oils into the cattle diet.
We are pleased to offer our clients toll processing servicerapeseed oilseeds.
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