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Adress Zhabinka, st. Mira, 1

Phone +375 1641 3-59-04


About the bakery "BELKORM"

BELKORM has its own time-tested bakery, founded in 2002. We offer a wide selection of sweet and aromatic pastries, pies with various fillings, crispy baguettes, breads and delicious loaves for your cafe, store, outlet. When baking, we use traditional, proven technologies and natural, carefully selected ingredients. High-quality flour, clean water, professional sourdough, hand-made - this is the secret of perfect taste. Bread baked in our bakery has an indescribable taste, the alluring aroma of real homemade baked goods, prepared with care and warmth.

Why us?

Always only fresh baked goods (we bake products only after ordering). We carry out individual orders (for loaves of any complexity in our own workshop). We use natural ingredients (we buy products from trusted suppliers)

We will deliver on time


Сдоба «Маковая» 90г

Baking “Poppy” 90g

Пампушки «Березовские» с чесноком 300г

Dumplings “Berezovskie” with garlic 300g

Булка «Дока» 400г

Bun “Doka” 400g

Булочка «Венская» с изюмом 75г

Vienna bun with raisins 75g

«Витушка с крошкой» 400г

“Vitushka with crumbs” 400g

«Сдоба с яблоками» 75г

“Muffin with apples” 75g

Булочка «Чесночная «Смолевичская» 75г

Bun “Garlic “Smolevichi” 75g

Кулич «Услада» 500г

Kulich “Uslada” 500g

Хлеб «Новосельский» 700г

Bread “Novoselsky” 700g

Булка «Сельская» 400г

Roll “Selskaya” 400g

Булка «Простая» 500г

Roll “Simple” 500g

Плюшка «С корицей» 300г

Bun “With cinnamon” 300g

Сдоба «Пышки с изюмом» 300г

Baked goods “Pyshki with raisins” 300g

Рулет бисквитный «шоколадно-молочный» 1000г

Biscuit roll “chocolate-milk” 1000g

Рулет «Южный» 1000г

Roll “Southern” 1000g

Кекс «Мелла с сухофруктами» 65г

Cupcake “Mella with dried fruits” 65g

Булочка «Сдоба с повидлом» 75г

Bun “Muffin with jam” 75g

Сладость мучная «Зебра» 1000г

Flour sweet “Zebra” 1000g

Каравай «Да шлюбу» 1000г

Loaf “Yes slubu” 1000g

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