OJSC Zhabinka feed mill

OJSC "Zhabinka feed mill" is the first domestic manufacturer of dry feed for cats and dogs. In 2006, the technology of joint formulation of dry food was developed by specialists of the company to "Rex" dogs - with the normal physiological activity. Food was a huge amount of positive reviews and won the consumer, prompting experts of the plant to expand the trading range and production of new feed "Rex PLUS" - for dogs of medium and large breeds with improved physiological activity, "REKSIK" - for puppies of large and medium-sized breeds "Rex MINI" - for small dog breeds. In 2014 he was rebranding the trade mark "Rex", changed the look of the packaging, "REKSIK" food and "Rex MINI" changed name to "Rex" for puppies of large and medium-sized breeds, "Rex" for small dog breeds, respectively.
In 2009, the company was pleased its consumers a novelty, appeared on the shelves of the first domestic cat food "KOTiKORM" chicken. A year later he was released Fodder dry for long-haired cats "KOTiKORM".
The company has decided not to stop there and in 2010 Budget line feed new trade began to develop under the brand «Petboom». Our technologists together with the Polish consulting firm for the production of dry feed «Petfood Specialities» formulation of new feed was designed for cats and dogs, and in May 2012 the new product goes on the shelves in the range:
  • «Petboom» cat food with fish
  • «Petboom» cat food with poultry and rice
  • «Petboom» cat food with meat and vegetables
  • «Petboom» food for dogs medium breeds cold cuts
  • «Petboom» food for dogs medium breeds with bird and vegetables
In December 2012 the company produced a premium feed «ONLY» Premium. Food for adult dogs, increased exercise.

Starting in October 2015, there were in the sale of food for cats under the «Cat Fit» trade mark in the following range:
  • «Cat Fit» food for adult cats cold cuts
  • «Cat Fit» food for adult cats with poultry and vegetables
  • «Cat Fit» food for kittens from 1 to 12 months