OJSC «Zhabinka Feed Mill»   is a modern manufacturing enterprise consisting of the facility for the manufacture of mixed fodders for agricultural animals and poultry, production line of dry food for dogs and cats, feed for industrial fish-breeding, elevator, proprietary trading network of stores, its own pig-breeding complex.
  The company is one of the largest producers of compound animal feedstuff among other feed mills and is a leader in the production of dry pet feeds in the Republic of Belarus. Dry pet food manufactured by OJSC "Zhabinka Feed Mill" is a high-quality output released on the specialized equipment using the highest production standards and an innovative approach in all areas of its business activity.
The scientists of the educational establishment “Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine” as well as the workers of the Scientific Research Institute, the experts of the Polish company “Petfood Specialities” and veterinary professionals together with the technologists of OJSC “Zhabinka Feed Mill” worked on the development of formulas of dry food. Through the combined efforts of these specialists for the last nine years, the company has carried out its production and realization of dry fodder of five brands: for dogs - "PetBoom", "Reks", "ONLY" and for cats – "PetBoom", "CAT FIT". All dry food before mass production is required to undergo clinical trials. The pets of different physiological groups with different activity and age are involved in animal testing. Our company uses only fresh raw materials, both Belarusian and foreign production, that are being tested under laboratory conditions. The latest equipment of foreign production and highly qualified specialists allow us to produce easily digestible food of high quality.
       The product range includes complete dry pet food of:
  •    Economy Class - for adult dogs of medium breeds under the brand name "PetBoom" (meat assortment, poultry and vegetables), as well as for adult cats (poultry and rice, fish, meat and vegetables);
  •    Standard Class - for puppies of medium and large breeds from 2 to 12 months and for adult dogs of medium and large breeds, for adult dogs of medium and large breeds with increased activity level, for adult dogs of small breeds under the brand name "Reks".
  •    Premium Class - for adult dogs, high physical activity; older dogs, protection of joints and bones (with the introduction of chondroitin and glucosamine) under the brand name "ONLY", as well as for adult cats (meat assortment, poultry and vegetables), for kittens from 1 to 12 months under the brand name "CAT FIT".
     Our production is a complete and balanced nutrition, containing micro- and macro elements, is made without addition of different colouring agents, preservatives or flavours. The size, hardness and density of the pellets is optimal for good palatability, there is no need for cleaning the teeth from tartar. All dry foods, which are certified in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, have conducted their laboratory studies, confirming compliance with the specifications in the State institution "Belarusian State Veterinary Centre", the educational establishment "Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine", Republican Unitary Enterprise "Brest Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification", Bryansk Interregional Veterinary Laboratory. Each manufactured batch of dry food is tested in "Brest Regional Veterinary Laboratory" . The company meets the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, STB ISO 22000-2006, STB 18001.
    The complete dry food produced by OJSC "Zhabinka Feed Mill" has already been deservedly recognized for many years in the Republic of Belarus. The majority of kennels and breeders in the Republic of Belarus and outside the country are using our dry feeds. We are proud that many dogs - the champions of national and international exhibitions - are fed and nourished by dry pet food manufactured by OJSC "Zhabinka Feed Mill" with great success. The power structures of the Republic of Belarus (the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs) have used it successfully for many years in feeding sniffer dogs, carrying their difficult service.
    During the time spent in the market of dry food, our brands such as "Reks", "ONLY" and "PetBoom" not only found their regular customers, but also have repeatedly received many positive feedback.
    Annually the brands of dry food "Reks", "ONLY" are the winners of the contests: consumer preferences "Product of the year" and "The Best Products of the Republic of Belarus". In 2012 the trademark "Reks" became the winner of the contest "The best Goods of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation". In 2015 dog food brand "Reks" was declared the winner of the competition "Leader of the year 2015".